Help us train the clinic’s first midwives!


I am thrilled to announce that we are closer to finishing construction of the clinic than ever before! With the structure now nearly complete, it is time to ensure we sustainably staff the clinic for the residents of Wli Todzi. The most urgent issue is a lack of medical assistance for women giving birth, and it is the first issue that we strive to alleviate. We are by providing the resources for two local women to complete a year-long midwife training course. When they complete the training the clinic will be fully operational and ready to take them in as its first practitioners.

This is a very exciting moment! Not only will the clinic be operational with their training, but we also have an opportunity to transform the lives of two local residents willing to share their knowledge and serve their community. Two young women have already been chosen by the villagers to travel to the school at the bottom of the mountain and enroll by December. Of course, we don’t plan to stop there. Eventually we seek to education two more local residents in nursing and train two more midwives from the neighboring village. We believe it is very important to diversify the geographic area of practitioners to the near by village of Kpalime. This way there will be midwives who can offer immediate care in both communities and two villages represented in one clinic will spark fruitful collaboration.

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We ask for your contribution so we can make this amazing possibility a reality for the future midwives. With your help we can offer two local women the opportunity of a lifetime and simultaneously bring the clinic that much closer to providing medical care. You can use the donation button on our website to make a contribution to their tuition. If you would like to learn more or want to use an alternative donation method please don’t hesitate to ask us at Thank you for your time and investment in our cause!