Wli Todzi Clinic Project Fundraiser Held on July 17

Through the gracious help of Peter Milio, Laurie Hendricks, Robin Smalley, and the Grateful Dads band the Wli Todzi Clinic Fundraiser was a complete success!

On behalf of the Rise Up Development Collective and community of Wli Todzi, we would like to send our sincere gratitude to the friends of Hannah Smalley and Eliza Milio, and two of our members on the ground in the Volta Region of Eastern Ghana, who came out to support our cause. With their help, we are now over 6000 dollars closer to our goal of a health clinic in Wli Todzi!

With videos and pictures from Hannah Smalley, Juan Gomez, Ian Barling, and a slideshow from Eliza, we were able to give people a feel for both the beauty and difficulties of life in Wli Todzi. It is our hope that this event, as well as ones to follow, will work to spread the word of this amazing place and these amazing people.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated, and for everyone that helped to make this event a reality.  Special thanks to Craig Cook and Shine Centre International for administrative support.  If you have more questions about how you can get involved with Rise Up Development Collective, or future fundraising efforts, please contact us at riseupghana@gmail.com or call at (530) 913 0364.

You can also mail us at

Rise Up Development Collective

PO Box 8932 Goleta, CA 93118


Akpe ka ka!  Miadogo!