The Wli Todzi Clinic Building is Complete!

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Dear friends, family, and colleagues,

Although it has been some time since we have sent out an update, we have been hard at work on the clinic project. We are pleased to give you some very exciting and special news: the clinic building is now complete!

It has been a long, uphill path getting to this point (pun very much intended). It took the incredible support of many people, and every one of you had a hand in it. You have our deepest gratitude.

There is still a long way to go. However, this is still an exciting plateau, so some accolades are in order. The real heroes of the story, of course, are the women of Wli Todzi who keep life moving in the village each day despite enormous obstacles, and the many villagers who have taken this project as their own. Also, enormous credit goes to Yaw Nutsugah for the actual construction of the clinic, which he oversaw from beginning to end. Without his involvement, this milestone would have been completely impossible. Many thanks also to Torgbui Agbenorto III, chief of Wli Todzi, for his steady mediation and administration of the project in Wli Todzi and throughout the municipality of Hohoe.

The successful completion of the project’s final stages is due in large part to the efforts of Tyler LeTourneau, whose strategic communication and commitment were invaluable. There are also so many others, but Ethan Miska, Lev Gorelov, Ankush Garg, Richard Rothbart, and Lucas Healy were irreplaceable parts of the final push for this phase of the project.

This entire newsletter could be devoted to thanking so many people from over the last four years. You know who you are, and thank you.

Moving forward, there is still a lot to do in the medium and long term. Now that the building is finished, we are partnering with an organization called Direct Relief to provide equipment (more on this later), and we are working closely with the District Health Directorate in Hohoe to start setting up the staffing and supply chain for the ongoing operation of the clinic, with a long term model for staffing, maintenance, and management. We are hoping to actualize these goals by the end of 2016. The next stage of the project is much more complex than just building the structure. However, we are excited by how far we have come, and are comforted by the wide network of advice and counsel we have around us in Wli Todzi, Ghana, and in our home countries.

There are a few ways you can stay involved with the project right now. We appreciate your ongoing support immensely:

Donate money to help us transport the equipment donated by Direct Relief from the port in Accra to Hohoe and Wli Todzi. In a later post we will lay out all of the details, so stay tuned.
Connect us to people or organizations who can assist with staffing, training, equipment donations, financial contributions, or supply chain management.
Contact us with any advice you might have on how to finish this project successfully!
Thanks for being with us on this journey. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

My very best,

Jeremy Kirshbaum

USA Facilitator
Rise Up Development Collective

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