Student Journalists visit Wli Todzi!

One of the biggest issues for Wli Todzi is its isolation from the world, so we are always excited when the challenges of the village are able to get more exposure in Ghana!

I had the distinct privilege of accompanying the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) and African University College of Communications (AUCC) on a trip to Wli Todzi, coordinated by Journalism for Human Rights (JHR). Having heard of the village from our good friend Michelle Newlands (member of Operation Groundswell and in the running for most likable human on the planet), the team quickly set to work documenting the village both in sound and in print.

Some of the journalists spoke Wli Todzi’s native language,  Ewe, and as a result they were able to uncover some truly amazing stories! We are looking forward to listening to them on Citi FM (a national radio station) later this month, and in print publications in Accra, Ghana’s capital city.

Through meeting with the village elders, as well as interviewing people in the community on an individual basis, they were able to draw out details about the village that I had not learned in almost two years of visiting. However, one thing was still repeated over and over- the need for adequate medical care and a road.

We are hoping that the exposure from the documentaries will help encourage action from Ghanaian partners. The district government has already approached RUDC offering to help with the clinic initiative, and hopefully this will provide momentum so the district can acquire the resources to make this project happen quickly and sustainably.

We are looking forward to sharing the documentaries with you when they appear sometime next month!

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