RUDC Member Tyler LeTourneau setting up staffing and equipment in Wli Todzi

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For the last few months, RUDC member Tyler LeTourneau has been on the ground in Ghana, working with the District Health Director of Wli Todzi to start setting the stage for equipment and staffing in the Wli Todzi clinic.

In partnership with Direct Relief, a non-profit that provides free hospital supplies and equipment to areas all over the world, and Breast Cancer International, RUDC is setting the stage for delivering supplies and equipment to the Wli Todzi clinic in the next few months as planning permits.

The doctors in the Hohoe District (the district of which Wli Todzi is a part) know best what is needed, so they will be selecting what is delivered to the area.

In addition to helping arrange the equipment delivery, Tyler will be helping make the first steps toward a long term staffing plan in Wli Todzi. The District Health Directorate has pledged to provide the clinic doctors, who will work with two girls from Wli Todzi who are currently in midwifery school in Hohoe.

Tyler was lucky enough to be the first RUDC member from the US to see the completed clinic building. Until the clinic is up and running, we want to make sure the building stays in good shape, so we’re probably going to need to make some minor repair at some point.

Over the next few months, Tyler’s research will allow us to effectively plan for and begin fundraising for transport of the equipment. Although Direct Relief will fund shipping of the container to the port in Accra, it will be our job to ship the equipment to the village from there.

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Jeremy Kirshbaum
USA Director- Rise Up Development Collective
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