A Big Thanks from Ghana!

With your support, we were able to reach our goal for the Wli Todzi Documentary Campaign.


Dear friends and supporters of the Ghana Clinic Project,

I am thrilled to announce that, with your help, Rise Up Development Collective successfully raised all of the necessary funds to buy video gear to shoot the upcoming Wli Todzi documentary! We’re extremely grateful for your support, yo. We are excited to work with the people of Wli Todzi to help them share their story with the world.

Now, the ball is in our court. Our next steps are to collect footage in the village, edit, and then spread the word! A documentary filmed with quality camera equipment will be a major help to us in connecting individuals, organizations, and communities to the people of Wli Todzi and their efforts, especially in today’s increasingly visually-oriented world.

While you’re waiting for RUDC to make the film which, thanks to your generosity, we will now be able to produce, in the meantime you can read about RUDC member Lev Gorelov’s recent experiences in Wli Todzi here, as well as see some photos he took. I look forward to keeping you updated about the documentary project and the clinic project in general.

Thanks again!


Much appreciation from Ghana,

Ethan Miska

Outreach Coordinator, RUDC