Meet the Family

Monsieur John Gbogbortsi-  The father of the house, Mr John is a kind and godfearing man.  With a father from Ghana and a mother from Togo, Mr. John has lived in Wli Todzi his whole life.   As well as managing three farms and helping support sometime up to ten kids, Mr. John has time every Sunday to attend church, as well as prayer sessions on other nights of the week.  Fluent in Ewe and French, Mr. John has been a major help to Rise Up Development Collective, and has no qualms about welcoming people into his home and making them part of the family.

Auntie Charlotte Gborgbortsi-  Auntie Charlotte is a mother to all.  Whomever comes through her household is invited in warmly.  A native of Wli Todzi, she is well respected within the community, and support for many.  She is comforting, with a sense of humor.  Her cooking is legendary- Auntie Charlotte’s rice, akple, fufu, and banku are the best cooking in West Africa.  Although she is concerned for the livelihood for her village, she loves Wli Todzi and the people in it.

Hapi Gborgbortsi- Hapi, a child of Mr. John, is one of Rise Up Development Collective’s most active members.  As well as helping to manage the Rise Up: Wli Todzi Eco- Tourism Program, he also works hard in the farms and within the village and household.  He is also a member of the village traveling football team.  He attended high school in Togo and is fluent in English, French, and Ewe.  He is currently saving money to attend university.  His helpful hands are always a welcome sight.

Eric Gborgbortsi-  Eric is energetic and strong.  He is a hard worker, and always is in good humor.  A child of Mr. John and Auntie Charlotte’s family, he is a huge help on the farm and in the household.  He attends school at the Wli Todzi middle school.  He is a player on the Wli Todzi traveling football team, and frequently travels to Wli and Hohoe.  He wants to go to high school and university, but vows to return to Wli Todzi after his education.

Yaw Nutsugah- The Director of the Rise Up Development Collective: Wli Todzi, Yaw is the main Rise Up representative in the village.  With high school education, Yaw is fluent in 8 languages, including English, Twi, and Ewe.  He facilitates the Rise Up: Wli Todzi Eco- Tourism program with a smiling face.  An experienced guide and a great source of advice and good conversation,  Yaw is trying to help his village the best that he can with the limited resources at his disposal.

Sarah Nutsugah- Sarah is always a smiling face in the household of Mr. John and Auntie Charlotte.  Always laughing, she is quick and funny.  She is not afraid to speak her mind, and she manages with calm and aplomb.  An active member in Rise Up Development: Wli Todzi, she experienced the need for a hospital clinic first hand when she went into a coma before delivering her daughter, Yesutor Georgina Nutsugah.  Because of the lack of health facilities in Wli Todzi, she almost died.  However, she and her baby are now happy and healthy, and Sarah is always ready for new people to meet and engage with.

Majua, Sichope, Esi, Enam, Amos, Famous, Holanyo, Blandine, Clet, Koijo-  Kids in Wli Todzi grow up fast, and you’ll never meet stronger kids than those in the Gborgbortsi household.  Despite the amount of work they do to help their parents keep the household running- fetching water, chopping wood, pounding fufu- they still find time to play games around the house- dancing, drumming and singing are favorites.

Divine, Wisdom, Innocent, Atsu, Denyo-  Although they’re not kids any more, and they don’t live in the Gborgbortsi compound, they are still part of the family.  Always around to see what is developing, and fully on board with Rise Up Development Collective, these porters, guides, and advisors are indispensible to the Rise Up program, and are great friends to boot.

Disclaimer: Although Rise Up Development Collective helped to start the Wli Todzi Community Connection Visitor’s Program, we have willingly relinquished  any control of the program to Yaw Nutsugah of Wli Todzi.  We do not account for any of the finances of the program, have no part in decision- making related to the program, and accept no liability or responsibility for actions of program personnel, or on the part of participants, including physical and emotional injuries that may be incurred by participants while participating in the program.  We do have the utmost faith in the director, Yaw Nutsugah, to manage the program.  However, we do not accept liability for his actions or the actions of personnel under his direction.  Rise Up Development Collective provides hosting for Yaw Nutsugah for the purposes of marketing the program in recognition of our desire to see his program succeed, however, this does not imply any active participation in the visitor’s program on the part of Rise Up Development Collective and its participants, past, present or future, or any member of Empowerment Works, Inc., our fiscal sponsor.  Please enjoy the Wli Todzi Community Connection Visitor’s Program.  We wish the best of luck to Yaw and the program.