This page is meant to allow for you to customize your trip to Wli Todzi. Once we receive your initial request we will immediately process it and get in contact with you to finalize the trip. If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail us at:


For booking, please contact our director Yaw Nutsugah. He will work with you to reserve a trip based on your scheduling needs. Pricing is dependent on length of stay, activities and other factors, and will be negotiated upon your reservation before visiting the village.

Please contact Yaw at:
020 781 6151

Disclaimer: Although Rise Up Development Collective helped to start the Wli Todzi Community Connection Visitor’s Program, we have willingly relinquished  any control of the program to Yaw Nutsugah of Wli Todzi.  We do not account for any of the finances of the program, have no part in decision- making related to the program, and accept no liability or responsibility for actions of program personnel, or on the part of participants, including physical and emotional injuries that may be incurred by participants while participating in the program.  We do have the utmost faith in the director, Yaw Nutsugah, to manage the program.  However, we do not accept liability for his actions or the actions of personnel under his direction.  Rise Up Development Collective provides hosting for Yaw Nutsugah for the purposes of marketing the program in recognition of our desire to see his program succeed, however, this does not imply any active participation in the visitor’s program on the part of Rise Up Development Collective and its participants, past, present or future, or any member of Empowerment Works, Inc., our fiscal sponsor.  Please enjoy the Wli Todzi Community Connection Visitor’s Program.  We wish the best of luck to Yaw and the program.