Basic Expectations

Wlitodzi is a very free place, and you should feel completely comfortable at all times.  However, there are a few things that visitors should keep in mind while participating in the program. More than anything these are cultural traditions that when followed show respect toward the village and its people.

  1. Wash your hands before eating.
  2. Use your right hand only for eating
  3. Check food with host family before eating.
    1. Some foods on the mountain may be difficult to digest for those who are not from the area. This is also true for some beverages. Please check with your host family before trying new edibles. When you do try something, try only a little at first.
  4. Drink with your right hand.
  5. If you want to meet the chief, dress in nice clothes
  6. Caps should not be worn backwards
  7. Wear sandals outside the house
  8. Always remove footwear inside of the house
  9. In the house, women wear a traditional cloth, with a shirt.
    1. A cloth will be provided for you when you reach the village.
  10. When drinking, pour a small libation on the ground so that the ancestors may also drink.
  11. Shorts must extend past the knees

While being culturally polite, there are a few other things visitors should be aware of and consider. Wli Todzi is located in a remote tropical area. This is both the beauty, and a small drawback to Wli Todzi. Visitors should be aware of the following

  1. Bug bites are very common in Wli Todzi. Almost all of them will go away in a few days and most are not irritable. To prevent bug bites we suggest:
    1. Wearing pants and long-sleeves whenever possible
    2. Wearing mosquito repellent
  2. The only bathroom facilities available are dug out latrines

Visitors rarely experience any difficulties adjusting to the traditional culture and natural surroundings, but we want all potential visitors to be aware of the conditions. If you have any questions please e-mail us at:

Hope to see you on the mountain!

Disclaimer: Although Rise Up Development Collective helped to start the Wli Todzi Community Connection Visitor’s Program, we have willingly relinquished  any control of the program to Yaw Nutsugah of Wli Todzi.  We do not account for any of the finances of the program, have no part in decision- making related to the program, and accept no liability or responsibility for actions of program personnel, or on the part of participants, including physical and emotional injuries that may be incurred by participants while participating in the program.  We do have the utmost faith in the director, Yaw Nutsugah, to manage the program.  However, we do not accept liability for his actions or the actions of personnel under his direction.  Rise Up Development Collective provides hosting for Yaw Nutsugah for the purposes of marketing the program in recognition of our desire to see his program succeed, however, this does not imply any active participation in the visitor’s program on the part of Rise Up Development Collective and its participants, past, present or future, or any member of Empowerment Works, Inc., our fiscal sponsor.  Please enjoy the Wli Todzi Community Connection Visitor’s Program.  We wish the best of luck to Yaw and the program.