Below is a list of activities to do in Wli Todzi. After catching your breath from the climb and meeting the family you’ll surely want to explore the surrounding nature and culture.

We pride ourselves on working within the community, and to make sure we do not disturb the culture and nature. Given, The village already has its own pace and rhythm, so we cannot guarantee you’ll be able to get to every activity.  However, if you select a few that really appeal to you, we can make sure that you get to them during your stay.

Each visit to Wli Todzi is special.

  • Agumatsa Falls approx 6 hours
    The village offers exclusive access to the upper falls. Enjoy a swim in the water and if your feeling brave climb up the rocks that the huge waterfall breaks onto.
  • Dancing Lessons1 hour
    Traditional dancing is an integral part of life on the mountain.  Our experienced dancers are ready to teach visitors the unique traditional dances only found in Wlitodzi, giving them direct access to the movement of the people.
  • Singing Lessons30 minutes
    Song is everywhere in the village.  There are songs in Wlitodzi to accompany every activity.  Our experienced singing instructor will tutor those who are interested in learning the sounds of Wlitodzi and their song’s meanings.
  • Drumming Lessons1 hour
    The drumbeats of Wlitodzi often resonate throughout the village.  Rise Up staff are on site to teach these essential rhythms to the visitors whenever they like.
  • Watch Traditional Dances Akpi, the traditional warrior dance, and Bobo, are truely traditional dances that have always been a part of Wli Todzi’s history.
  • Wli Todzi Stories/Folklore Spend some time with some locals hearing and discussing traditional stories and folklore.
  • Working on the farm 2 hours
    Farming is the most important part of village life.  We have several families who are willing to provide instruction and participation for visitors who want a real look into the livelihood of the village.
  • Cooking Lessons45 minutes
    Ewe cooking is famous across Ghana, and with most of the ingredients grown less than a mile from where the meal is cooked, Wlitodzi cooking is truly exeptional.  Visitors get a chance to cook alongside the women in the village and learn how to make the village’s favorite dishes- Akple, jangple, fufu, banku and more
  • Making Akpeteshie or Palm Wine A few trails away from the village the more thirsty travelers can watch and learn how the locals make the local alcoholic beverages from scratch. Samples provided of course.
  • Learning Ewe 1 hour
    People in the village speak primarily Ewe, so the learning won’t stop from the moment one enters the village to the moment one leaves.  However, for those who want a little extra help learning this complicated and fascinating language, an hour long lesson will be provided, to give a deeper glimpse into the sounds around them, and the mind of a people.
  • Futbal 1 hour
    Football is by far the favorite sport of the village.  Visitors are free to join in, if they can keep up.
  • Church1 ½ hours
    There are both Catholic and non-denominational churches in the village. Both churches are welcoming to visitors, who are invited to join the singing, dancing, and worship, which takes place entirely in the local language. This is church like never before.
  • Caves2 ½ hours
    Not even an hour’s walk from the village is the Wlitodzi cave system.  The milleniums old caverns delve straight into the heart of the mountain.  Although they are nearly impossible to find without a guide, Rise Up will safely guide visitors to this rare and startling place.
  • Building/ Service5 hours
    There is a lot of work to be done in the village.  There are efforts at completion of a hospital in the village, and help is needed in the current makeshift health clinic.  The school is understaffed, and there is still no access road between the village and Hohoe.  Visitors with a activist spirit are encouraged to help in anyway they can.
  • Hiking to Togo3 1/2 hours
    Wlitodzi is within hiking distance from many cities and towns in Togo.  Wlitodzi gives people a safe, interesting, and fun base from which to explore Togo.
  • River
    The rivers in Wlitodzi are clean, cool and swimmable.  Come swim in the water that is the source of the mighty Agumasta falls.

Disclaimer: Although Rise Up Development Collective helped to start the Wli Todzi Community Connection Visitor’s Program., we have willingly relinquished  any control of the program to Yaw Nutsugah of Wli Todzi.  We do not account for any of the finances of the program, have no part in decision- making related to the program, and accept no liability or responsibility for actions of program personnel, or on the part of participants, including physical and emotional injuries that may be incurred by participants while participating in the program.  We do have the utmost faith in the director, Yaw Nutsugah, to manage the program.  However, we do not accept liability for his actions or the actions of personnel under his direction.  Rise Up Development Collective provides hosting for Yaw Nutsugah for the purposes of marketing the program in recognition of our desire to see his program succeed, however, this does not imply any active participation in the visitor’s program on the part of Rise Up Development Collective and its participants, past, present or future, or any member of Empowerment Works, Inc., our fiscal sponsor.  Please enjoy the Wli Todzi Community Connection Visitor’s Program.  We wish the best of luck to Yaw and the program.