Wli Todzi Community Connection Visitor’s Program

The program begins as soon as you reach Wli. At the base of the mountain, you will be met by our friends to guide you up the mountain.  You should arrive in Wli ready for a very difficult, although incredibly rewarding, hike to the top of the mountain.  The climb will take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, so you must arrive by 3:00pm to avoid climbing in the dark, which is not suggested.  Your first day will be mostly taken up by the climb, so don’t expect time for much else beside arrival on the first day.

After your arrival, your experience begins in earnest, and your ability to experience all Wli Todzi has to offer is constrained only by time. As you arrive in Wli Todzi you’ll be welcomed in by the family and served your first home cooked meal prepared by Auntie Charlotte.

From here, your experience in Wli Todzi is up to you. View the activities page for a list of things people have enjoyed in the past, or the testimonial page for detailed accounts from previous travelers. Also check out the basic expectations for visitors and our list of things to bring. Most importantly, visit the meet the family page to get a quick introduction to the personnel that calls Wli Todzi their home.

Finally, when you feel like you’ve read enough visit the booking page to begin booking your trip. Alternatively you can call Yaw in Ghana (011 233 22638922/011 233 204568356) or e-mail Riseup Ghana with any questions or concerns at: riseupghana@gmail.com.

You’ll be expected to fill out a quick liability release form upon arrival. These can be provided in the village, but it is appreciated visitors bring their form whenever possible. The form can be downloaded here.

Disclaimer: Although Rise Up Development Collective helped to start the Wli Todzi Community Connection Visitor’s Program, we have willingly relinquished  any control of the program to Yaw Nutsugah of Wli Todzi.  We do not account for any of the finances of the program, have no part in decision- making related to the program, and accept no liability or responsibility for actions of program personnel, or on the part of participants, including physical and emotional injuries that may be incurred by participants while participating in the program.  We do have the utmost faith in the director, Yaw Nutsugah, to manage the program.  However, we do not accept liability for his actions or the actions of personnel under his direction.  Rise Up Development Collective provides hosting for Yaw Nutsugah for the purposes of marketing the program in recognition of our desire to see his program succeed, however, this does not imply any active participation in the visitor’s program on the part of Rise Up Development Collective and its participants, past, present or future, or any member of Empowerment Works, Inc., our fiscal sponsor.  Please enjoy the Wli Todzi Community Connection Visitor’s Program.  We wish the best of luck to Yaw and the program.