Help RUDC raise awareness of Wli Todzi and the clinic!

UPDATE: We’ve completed funding for this project and have begun implementing it. A huge thanks to everyone who helped and we’ll have updates coming shortly.


For the last two years, we’ve laid the groundwork for this project, acquiring fiscal sponsorship in the United States, beginning to fundraise, and acquiring NGO status in Ghana. The last step is to generate the awareness that the project needs to fundraise enough to finish the clinic structure and purchase medical supplies. Graced by various opportunities, three of our RUDC members will be on the ground in Ghana during the fall of 2013. During this time in Ghana, we will have the chance to travel to Wli Todzi to get the footage required to bring the story of this beautiful place to life. With this equipment, we will finally have all the tools to build the movement that finishing this project demands. Please join us in our efforts!

Below is an itemized budget of what we need:

  • Rode microphone – $149
  • Two year warranty on camera – $23
  • Spare Battery – $59
  • Canon 60d Package deal – $1284
  • International USPS shipping: $78

Sub total – $1593

5% Empowerment Works (our fiscal sponsor) fees + 5% Wepay fees = $159.30

Grand total: $1752.30

Thank you for your contribution!

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