During RiseUp Ghana Development Collective’s short life span we have had multiple organizations cover our story. Below are a few examples spanning from news articles to TV Africa’s documentary.

Stranded on Top: One Woman Defies the Odds by Juan Gomez

Women of Wli Todzi, in an isolated village located in the Volta Region of Ghana, face a somber reality: their pregnancy may be a death sentence. Here, Sarah tells her story on how she defied these odds, despite the lack of medical facilities or an access road to hospital. This documentary tells the story of Sarah, a member of Wli Todzi’s community, and her child’s birth.

Photographer: Juan Gomez (


Newspaper Article and Editorial by Ghanaian Journal

This article, published by the Ghanaian Journal, outlines the reasons for the halt of the clinic construction in Wli Todzi.  Partially arranged by Rise Up Wli Todzi Development, the article is well researched, and contributed toward advocacy efforts in the Hohoe District.  The information in the article is valid with the exception of the statement that the contractor, Sapon, is a senior government official.  He is, in fact, a private businessman.

Click to download the PDF of the article

Click to download the PDF of the editorial

Documentary by Ian Barling

Ian Barling, a UCSB film student, volunteered to direct, edit, and shoot this documentary on Wli Todzi. The footage is taken from Wli Todzi during a voluntary visit to the beautiful village  in 2010. We appreciate his work and hope it promotes Wli Todzi as not only a tourist destination, but a village struggling to keep its head out of the water. This video also gives any potential visitors a look at RUDC’s founder, Yaw, and his family who hosts our guests. You can find Ian Barling on Facebook for any questions.


TV Africa Documentary

This documentary was filmed and edited by TV Africa in 2011. After much work RUDC convinced TV Africa to endure the hike to Wli Todzi for a documentary on the conditions in the village. While the documentary focuses on the unfortunate conditions, it also catches the compelling drama of a pregnancy and the horrible pain a mother endures to give birth on the mountain. We are very thankful to TV Africa for their support and fund raising.

This clip has been routinely shown on national television throughout Ghana, creating an awareness for the program that RUDC could only imagine at one point.

TV 3 Documentary

This documentary was done by the TV3 television station in January, 2011.  It outlines the major problems with the Wli Todzi school system including a lack of school structures, textbooks, notebooks, slates, and trained teachers.  The documentary was done in response to the television documentary and news slot by TV Africa arranged by the Rise Up Development Collective as part of our press campaign to draw attention to the problems in Wli Todzi. A full summary can be found at TV3′s website.